We are constantly expanding and changing our products, so make sure to follow our newsletter to get the latest news. Underneath you will beside others find the series Wood by Ziito and Ziito by Ziito, that is our first two furniture collections.

In this section you will find designs for home and shop interiors. There is constantly new designs added to the lists. Make sure to sign up to for the newsletter to follow the new styles.

The clothes rails are made from galvanised steel pipes. These pipes are know in the industry for their water resistance and longevity. We choose this heavy duty  material for our clothes rail, because of it's aesthetics and sturdiness.

The clothes rails come in two variations: Clothes rails with wheels and clothes rails without wheels. See both of them here.

The Ziito hangers have been selected to fit clothes rails beautifully. The hangers comes in two different colors: silver and black.

The shoe racks are also made from galvanised steel and comes in three different variations: 2 tier-, 3 tier- and 4 tier shoe rack. Remember to check out the Shoe Bench which combines a bench and shoe rack.

Our benches and shelves are made made from respectively galvanised steel, burned pine wood and douglas wood.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.