We have four different collections of clothes rails: Eldr, Bál, Tré and Aska.

Bál means bonfire in Old Nordic. This design series is inspired by the flames and the burned wood of a bonfire. The clothes rails comes either in zink coated steel alone or zink coated steel and black pine wood together. The steel has a coating that makes it sparkle differently in different lights. The black wood is burned and the oiled.

The Eldr clothes rails are made from galvanised steel and burned pine wood. Eldr means fire in Old Nordic. This got it's name from the hand burned pine wood shelves on the clothes rails. Some of the designs comes in a galvanised steel only and other comes in a combination of the hand burned pine and the galvanised steel. 

The Tré clothes rails are made from black steel and neutral wood. Tré means tree in Old Nordic. 

The Aska clothes rails are made from black steel and hard burned wood. Aska means ashes in Old Nordic.

The clothes rails with shelves gives space for your shoes or hats, but we have also seen many customers using it for plants, books, vases and framed art prints.

The square colourblocks below each clothes rail indicates the collection. All clothes rails are available in different sizes.