About Ziito


Three brothers: Simon, Jonas and Daniel started Ziito ApS in 2014. We design and produce industrial clothes rails for a modern home or shop interior. The products are regularly updated and optimised to fit our sustainable vision. We use functional and strong materials to ensure the products last long. We treat our wood with all natural linseed oil, this means no chemical waste and a better end product for both customer and the environment.

Our first collection of clothes rails is Eldr. Eldr is galvanised steel and burned Nordic pine. Afterwards, Tré and Aska was developed. These are collections of clothes rails with the same minimal profile as Eldr, but with a different expression. The names are Nordic and they refer to the design.

Ziito is an important company in the European market for sales and hire of clothes rails. Our stock and office are located in Fredericia and our concept development and design office in Copenhagen.


The crew


Daniel Oxholm

Daniel is the design machine - drawing and developing ideas from the studio in Copenhagen.

Daniel knows everything about materials, form and colour and is usually working on several designs at once. Now and then he leaves the studio to take care of interior at Fashion events.

Daniel likes to do art in his spare time.


Jonas Oxholm

If you call Ziito you’ll probably reach Jonas on the phone. He is the CEO and responsible for sales and marketing. He knows every detail of our products and he loves to help people with their interior questions.

Jonas likes to be with his family in the spare time.


Simon Oxholm

When you navigate around our website and enjoy how things work, then it’s all because of Simon - he is our web-designer. Simon lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Simon reads and writes music in his spare time.



Jonas Elkjær

Think about a furniture production where everything is neat. Then think about the same furniture production doing items in metal and wood, sawing, treating and packing. Now, think again about the furniture production where everything is neat. That’s how everyday life is at Ziito, thanks to Jonas who is in charge in the production.

Jonas is our logistic and production leader and he loves when everything is neat. Actually, he can’t sleep at night if things are not neat in his furniture production. Jonas is in charge of delivering your designs on time.

Jonas is a racing cyclist in his spare time.



Mohammad Nemer

Mohammad is the strongest man in our company. You can be sure that he was part of the production of your clothes rail as he is working on every process in our production: treating the wood, assembling the parts and packing the boxes.

Mohammed likes to fish in his spare time.